How to Use Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Tools is a tool provided by Google to see and judge our blog. By using Google Webmaster Tools you can more easily perform these steps have SEO on the run. Google Webmaster Tools can we get for free and easy, we should have only a google account. The SEO experts also strongly recommend using Google Webmaster Tools. Because of my earlier talking about Google Webmaster Tool mean in this post I will describe and explain How to Use Google Webmaster Tool Please follow the steps below to use Google Webmaster Tool:

1. Login to If you are logged in to the blogger then this site will automatically log in with your google account.

2. After appearing dashboard display insert your blog address in the text box and click Add Site.

3. After you click the Add Site the URL of your blog added to Google Webmaster Tool. even so you need to verify the URL of your blog first. The goal is to make sure you are the owner of the blog that you entered.

4. Then select the Meta Tag verification.

5. After appearing Meta Tag Code for Verification Copy the code to your blog, How to login to blogger and click on Layout and select Edit HTML. After that look for the code <head>'ll find the code easier to use the CTRL + F. If you found her code <head> paste the code from the Google Webmaster Meta Tag Tool below. if already click save template.

6. After that, return to Google Webmaster Tools page and click verify. after blog Verified the status of your blog in Google Webmaster Tool to be verified.

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