How to Create a Blog

How TO MAKE A BLOG? yupzzss in this post I will discuss how to How to create a blog on blogspot. before Making Blog of course you already know what is a blog right? if you do not know I will explain a bit what is a blog, the blog is actually a form of website that can be opened via a web browser. before we practice Making Blog In Blogspot I will explain why must Create a Blog On Blogspot? Because the answer is blogspot / blogger is a free blog providers that only provide facilities-based GUI (Graphicai User Interface) or a graphical interface to add accessories in the blog., and this facility is not owned by other free blog providers. Please follow these steps HOW TO MAKE A BLOG following:


2.Blogger page opens click the arrow that says Create Your Blog

3.The that fill the registration form creating a blog as:
  • Fill-mail address with your email address.
  • Type in your email address again with the contents of the email address before you enter.
  • Put a password Fill in your email password.
  • Content-Type in the password with the password reset again Earlier.
  • This display-name is the name of your blog's appearance. Fill with what could be a name.
  • Verification of words typed letters in the image.
  • Then check the image.
4. then click "Continue"

5. in step 2 is the step for the name and link URL or address of your blog.

6. Blog Title text box enter the title of the blog you want.

7. Blog ULR fill with your blog address you want, for example, wrote

8. then click "continue"

9. The next step is to choose a template. After you select a template please click "continue"

10. The last step is a notification that your blog will Appear has Become.

11. Click the arrow "Start Blogging" to begin filling your blog articles.

12. finish ......

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