Visiting some great attractions worldwide is a passion of some people. But almost every one of us loves to travel along with our family. A large number of hot travel attractions are located worldwide. However, only a few of them have gained international recognition. One of such holiday destinations is the Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, United States of America. People love to spend their vacations here. Every year a large number of visitors visit this place just to experience a luxury holiday. So, if you are looking to plan a holiday here then you must read this article carefully.

Before delving further in to the topic, let us first understand a few important things regarding this park. Yellowstone was the first national park worldwide. This park is popular for its several geothermal features and wildlife. One of the best features of this place is the Old faithful Geyser. It is a huge geyser located in this national park. It is certainly a center of attraction for the tourists. It covers a large area of about 9,000 square kilometers.

This National Park is a sheltered region comprising in noteworthy environmental occurrence and processes. Basically, it is an exceptional demonstration of innate beauty, and natural ecosystems where exceptional and scarce species flourish. Yellowstone national park is a great site for the learning and admiration of the evolutionary narration of the ecosystem. The entire area has an internationally unmatched grouping of geothermal activity, hot springs, and fumaroles.

The national park is one of the enduring big bionetworks located in the northern temperate region. Fun simply never ends here. One can enjoy some great activities along with his kids here. I must tell you that once you come here you would never want to leave this place. Reaching this place is quite easy. One can easily reach this place by bus, taxi or train, metro or air plane. You don’t have to worry much. I would like to tell you that the world famous grizzly bear is found here.

However, you need to consider your budget once before coming here. Otherwise it could cost you a lot of money. Once you decide upon your budget you can contact your travel agent. So, this was all about Yellowstone national park in detail. Don’t forget to read this article once. It could definitely provide you some help. Have fun and enjoy yourself!

Lake Nakuru National Park dates back to the time of 1961 when the lake was prevented from its visitors as an act of bird protects for the future generations. The place is one of the best areas where you can view the leopards and white rhinos. But the famous attraction for the tourists is formed by the flamingoes that ring around the lake in the huge population. This is the only fully fenced park present in Kenya.

How To Get There

You can access the spot via road as well as air route. It will take 2.5 – 3 hours of your journey if you make a decision to explore the park via road. You will have to drive Nairobi to Lake Nakuru which has a distance of 157 kilometers between both poles. One can also plan the trip by air and fly from Wilson to Lake Nakuru Nauishis’ Airstrip which is located to the south of the Park.

Major Attractions in Lake Nakuru National Park

Following physical features are the eye-catching ones for the visitors of this park:
  1. Mammals: there are around 56 different varieties of the mammals present in the park. They can be recognized as black and white rhinos, Cape Buffaloes, lions, leopards, warthogs, olive baboons, elands, reedbucks, black backed jackal.
  2. Flamingoes and Birds: The Park serves as a residence to more than a million flamingoes. Flotilla of Flamingoes lines near the coast and gives a pinkish facade to the Lake.
  3. Reptiles: A large number of reptiles take shelter in the Park. This large number includes Python as well as Tortoise.
  4. You must not miss a view of the rift valley present there which gives the place a calm landscape.
  5. The Lion hill and Baboon cliff provide a vintage glimpse to the area.

Sites For Picnic

Enjoro River Mouth positioned near the main gate of the Park, Baboon Hills, Out Of Africa, Acacia, Loin Hill Summit serve as the sites for recreation inside the Park. The Menengai Crater is the highest point in the Park and serves as the platform through which you can view the gorgeous landscapes of the Lake and its surroundings.

Stuffs That Must Escort You

While you are exploring the Park you must make sure that you are accompanied with drinking water, picnic items and all sorts of the camping stuffs that may be needed. If you plan to stay for a night or more then take your Binoculars, camera, sunscreen and guidebooks.

Sketch out for a trip to this Paradise. You will surely carry a unforgettable trip of the place throughout the life.