Don't blame your hormones the next time you feel like saying "not tonight honey". Blame your deliciously greasy dinner. According to Dr Rishi Bansal, a sexologist, the key to good sex is proper blood circulation. And to get your blood pumping, you need to eat food that is light, easy to digest and improves the blood flow. Here are five foods you should include in your diet for some hot action in bed
Popeye propagated only half the benefits of spinach. Leafy vegetables such as spinach contain vitamin E and iron, which helps produce more oestrogen the hormone that ups sex drive in women. And it ups levels of testosterone in men which means more action in bed! So here's another reason t have your greens.
According to Dr Bansal, high energy equals good sex. "And nuts and dry fruits are a good source of vitamin B3, which increases your stamina," he says. So, keep these handy on a day you feel drained out. Give these to your man too as they help increase sperm count. And increased sperm count invariably means more sex.

"Garlic increases heat in the body. When added regularly in your daily diet, it has a positive effect on your sexual hormones," says sexologist Dr Mahesh Bhagat. Just…don't forget to brush after you have it. Spicy food helps up your sex drive too as it balances the levels of hormones in your body. So, bring on the spicy curries!
Omega-3 fatty acids make your nervous system function more efficiently, making you calmer. A stress-free you is more likely to be game for action in bed. Fish also contains selenium, zinc and magnesium, all of which ups your sex drive. Include chicken in your diet, as they too are a good source of healthy fats and Vitamin B-complex that helps our system to release sex hormones.
Ginseng, a fleshy root has L-Arsine, an organic substance that increases the release of sex hormones during the act. It also gives you instant energy.
So now you know what to rummage for in your kitchen for some steamy sessions in bed.

Give Her time to Get Into the Mood
It takes time to get a woman into the mood. A woman’s body is like the meat just taken out from a freezer and it takes time to heat it up. Most women don’t like to have sex directly without a brief warm up session. Foreplay is crucial and can be skipped only if she is already in a highly aroused state. A woman can be brought into the mood by kissing and touching the various parts of her body like neck, back, inner thighs, breasts, and belly button. You can then proceed to caress the more private areas of her body. But, remember to be gentle in the process lest you may end up physically hurting her in the process.

Talk Dirty

A little bit of dirty talking during the foreplay process too helps in getting her into the mood. There are no limits; all you have to do is to use some words that excite her. Select your words depending upon the preferences. Some women like forceful words while the others prefer romantic lyrics. But, ensure that you don’t use any derogatory words which may upset her mood in the process.

Set the Mood for Sex

Creating a conducive environment to sex is necessary if you want to get your partner into a certain mood. Make your bedroom look good by putting attractive paintings and good furniture. Never keep unnecessary things in your bedroom like laundry which will make it dirty and unattractive. Install dimmers on the overhead lights of your bedroom and avoid fluorescent lights as they may spoil the mood and cause headache and fatigue. Other things which can help in setting her mood for sex are romantic music, soft fabrics, sex toys and porn magazines. You can also stretch your imagination to other rooms in your home like living room or kitchen if you prefer to make love in those places too.

Get yourself Familiar with a Woman’s Hot Spots

Know and remember your women’s hot spots like clitoris, G-Spot and other pleasure places. This is considered to be quiet important as they help in getting her to reach orgasm. Clitoris is like the penis of a woman and is located where the lips of vagina meet. G-Spot is located some where between 2 to three inches from the opening of her vagina. Unlike the clitoris, locating a G-Spot is tricky as it differs from one woman to the other. Other spots which should not be forgotten are her neck, inner thighs, nipples, ears etc.

Engage in Two-way Communication

Engaging in two-way communication will help in understanding her tastes and preferences better. Some couples feel embarrassed to talk openly about sex as they think that this will hurt the egos of others. Woman also think that they will be ridiculed if they talk openly about sex in the bed. Encourage two communication and view it as her attempt to please you. Two-way communication increases intimacy between the couple which can make the sexual experience great.

Build Sexual Tension

Build sexual tension by pushing and pulling her up and down, back and forward, and start and stop. Women get turned up by this pattern as it slowly builds anticipation about love making. This builds the feeling of your woman desiring sex without knowing what or when it might happen. Women get sexually aroused if you can build tension in intervals. This can be achieved by taking two steps forward and one step backward. Kiss and cuddle her, stop and then start again. Go a little further than the previous time when ever you start and go.

Understand the Importance of Emotional Intimacy

Emotional intimacy is different from sexual intimacy and is very important in arousing your female partner. Emotional intimacy helps in understanding each other better and accept each other for who they are. The most important tip to increase emotional intimacy is to maintain eye contact during talking. Touching a woman not just with the sexual intention will also help in making her feel important. Another important tip is to appreciate her for all contribution in improving the relationship. Encourage her to search and learn things like love making positions that can improve her pleasure both sexually and emotionally.

Oral Sex

A fact least understood by many men is that most of the women love oral sex. Women like oral sex because it gives as much pleasure for a woman as it does to a man. But, you should give oral sex in a very gentle way to a woman. Start oral sex by giving light touches to her inner thighs using your lips. Then, slowly move towards her vagina and use your tongue to massage the external area of it in an up and down-motion for some time. Using your hands for massaging her clitoris during oral sex will add to the pleasure.

All Women are not the Same

The last and most important tip to be remembered by men is that all women are not the same. You may learn lot of love making techniques by reading sex guides. Do remember to understand her sexuality before you start using all the newly learned techniques on her. All women don’t respond similarly to a particular type of sexual simulation. You may need to customize the technique to suit your woman. For this you have to observe her body language and other delicate signals like rapid breathing, moaning, reddish hot skin etc. Using a technique for sexual simulation in the same way for all types of women might end up in a disaster.
You don’t need to turn to Viagra every time you feel sexually inactive. There are plenty of natural foods that can be equally effective in sprucing up your sex life. Better yet, these substitutes come albeit any side effects and can help you concentrate on the task, without worrying about what’s going to happen next? So if you are looking for an excellent natural substitute to rekindle your sex life, here are some of the best foods you can try out.

Spinach and Other Leafy Greens:
Vitamin E is known to stimulate the increased production of sex hormones and spinach (along with other leafy veggies) contains loads of Vitamin E. The high zinc content of spinach improves sperm quality and quantity in men, thereby treating conditions like erectile dysfunction. The high manganese content of spinach also helps the female body product more estrogen, thereby boosting libido and increasing fertility.

Spice up your sex life with spices! Chilies can increase sex drive by improving blood circulation throughout the body (in this case, to the reproductive organs). Better yet, chilies can stimulate the release of endorphins; feel good hormones that keep you aroused for extended periods.

A glass of pomegranate juice a day would increase your sex drive to an all-time high within a month! Pomegranates are loaded with antioxidants, which help flush out harmful radicals from the body and increase blood circulation to the major organs (including the genitals) in the process. Moreover, this would boost your libido to a great extent. Men who drink pomegranate juice regularly also have less chance of developing other conditions like prostate cancer in the future.

Forget their shape! Bananas can do more than just look sexually appealing. Bananas contain Vitamin E, which is known to be a potent energy booster. Eating bananas can therefore keep you sexually active for longer periods. In addition to this, bananas stimulate the increased production of testosterone in men, thereby treating conditions like erectile dysfunction effectively.

Eating about 500 gms of this fruit and any other fruit that contains Vitamin C can increase your sex drive effectively. In addition to keeping you sexually active for longer periods, strawberries can greatly improve sperm quality and quantity in men.

An excellent natural substitute for Viagra, watermelon contains an amino acid called Citrulline. When consumed, Citrulline urges the body to produce another amino acid called Arginine. Arginine is a potent sex stimulant that helps relax the blood vessels and increase blood flow to the genitals.

As mentioned above, Arginine helps improve libido largely. And raisins are loaded with arginine. So if you are feeling sexually inactive lately, munch on a handful of raisins every day to bounce back up. Raisins also increase your energy levels so you perform better during sex.

Playing with chocolate is considered one of the best ways to kick up a fiery sex session. However, did you know that it can do more than just that? Chocolate contains a compound called Serotonin, which is a potent libido enhancer. Added to this is the fact that chocolates also contain chemicals called phenethylamines, which relax your body and mind so you can focus on (and enjoy) sex better.

Oysters contain high amounts of zinc that would stimulate the increased production of arginine, which in turn would increase your libido. And they taste good too! So next time, you are feeling low (sexually) and come across some freshly cooked oysters, you know what to do!

Finally, Oats:
To increase you sexual desire is another reason to have oats for your breakfast every day. Oats can keep you sexually active for longer periods and regularize the testosterone levels (estrogen levels for women) in the body and this would no doubt increase your libido considerably.

The Hayman Island upholds serene sights and for the people who are in quest of an enduring holiday experience, this place is an idyllic paradise. It is a pristine island that enjoys a range of spectacular wildlife and beautiful bird species. You can get an unparallel feeling while being in to one of the secluded bays and beaches here which are early waiting to embrace you.
Historical Description
Hayman Island is explored by the Sylvia Cook and John Fairfax who first came here in 1972 rowing across the Pacific Ocean. They spend 361 days while crossing the ocean and discovered this amazing natural wonder. With the passage of time, the place earned immense popularity and the first luxurious resort was constructed in the year 1950 by Reg Ansett, the founder of Ansett Australia.
Geographical Description
The Hayman Island is a smaller island as compared to the other islands in the Whitsunday group. It is the northernmost island positioned at 33 Km away from the mainland and the total area of this place is only 400 hectares. The total are is dissected in to a 4 km long and 3 km wide land. It is one of the parts of Cumberland Islands located at the southernmost area and is actually an island in Whitsunday Islands, situated on the costs of the Central Queensland coming under the Australia.
The Way To Get In
You can access the Hamilton Island through the daily flights or can be the part of the lavish vessel cruises which serve the scrumptious champagne as a compliment. You can take a flight to Proserpine airport and then can board in to a seaplane to be in this exotic land.
Hayman Island is the most exclusive island across Australia. The unquestioned beauty of this surprisingly distinct island spell bounds the people hailing from different corners of the world. You can also own the true luxury and sumptuousness by making it your dream destination.
The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most sought after tourist destinations across the world. The place is known as a home for more than 400 coral species and is famous as a mosaic of around 2,900 offshore as well as inshore reefs. The ecosystem comprising of 135,000 square-miles reef is as big as the total area of Germany. The amazing coral reefs uphold coral polyps which belong to the jellyfish family and countless other aquatic species which are really out of the ordinary ones.
As the Great Barrier Reef is the largest living organism worldwide, it becomes a must visit destination for the tourists hailing from the distant corners of the world. It is the most famous and treasured attraction amongst the Australian tourists. Apart from sightseeing you can indulge in to leisurely walks around the area, can experience the enthralling sports and can satisfy your taste buds with the scrumptious sea food. You can witness the exquisite tropical fishes in all the colors that you can imagine in the wildest of your dreams.
You simply can not take your eyes off it and the alluring beauty of corals with matchless underwater life will really take you along to the magical land. There are various customized scuba diving excursions which are made to cater your special taste and enthrall you with the adventure. You can try swimming, fishing and snookering also. The plethora of sea species adds on the appeal of this place.

Summers meaning to say the holiday season comes with yearn to be out and enjoy the sunshine. The place is engrossed with bountiful private island resorts with high end amenities. This is a perfect heaven for the beachcombers seeking solitude. The secluded sights of this amazing place give you ample opportunity to explore the undiscovered grandeur. So if you are finding it matching with your dream destination, just come and earn a timeless experience that you can relish throughout your life.
You probably are well aware of the fact that orgasms occur because of muscle contractions in the body, combined with an increase in blood pressure. A result of intense pleasure, when it comes to decoding the female orgasm secrecy, one can glance through several books, publications, online reviews and whatnot! But having gone through all of this, most men (and at times women) remain confused. If you are among the bewildered, today we have jotted down for you top 5 facts about female orgasms with help from Dr A Chakravarthy, Consultant in Reproductive & Sexual Medicine at International Association of Sexual Medicine.

1. Myth about Female Orgasms: Generally, women can attain orgasm only through sexual intercourse.

Fact: One of three women gets orgasms on a regular basis during sexual intercourse. Few can attain orgasms with sexual intercourse but require extra acts to arouse action. Recent studies show that an orgasm is a sexual climax no matter which way you get it. How a woman reaches an orgasm has nothing to do with her mental health or emotional maturity.

2. Myth about Female Orgasms: Lacking the power to reach orgasm means that something is wrong with the women or her spouse.

Fact: Women who were capable of sexual climax in the past, but can no more do so, may be troubled with some medical issues or fallout from medicinal drugs. Women who have never arrived at sexual climax successfully, may simply be unaware about what they need to be able to attain orgasm.

3. Myth about Female Orgasms: Clitoris or G-spot stimulation of 5 minutes can result in orgasm, post that there is no chance of success.

Fact: While there are lots of ways of love making that can help a woman reach sexual climax, in the end, a woman is the cause for her own pleasure. Intercommunication between partners is important as well. It is up to the woman to communicate with her partner.

4. Myth about Female Orgasms: Hereditary and genes have a straight impact on the female orgasm.

Fact: Twin-based grounds show that orgasm frequency has a mild hereditable component. However, hereditary factors are the reasons for only a third of the population-level variation in female orgasm.

5. Myth about Female Orgasms: A few women are simply not capable of achieving orgasm.

Fact: About 10% of women have the disability of not attaining sexual climax during sexual intercourse. This inability to reach orgasm is known as Anorgasmia. It may either be primary or secondary. Primary Anorgasmia is a stage in which a woman has never been able to attain sexual climax by any means. Secondary Anorgasmia is an orgasm felt at some point in the past times or situational (orgasm may be felt in certain intimate spots but not others; for instance, with foreplay but not with sexual intercourse).

Have you ever thought that why God has made only two creations in the form of humans, a man and a woman? Furthermore, why he made them in pairs?
The perfect answer I’ve observed is “to maintain the balance”. In order to have a sense of stability and a feel of equality, not only human beings but every living organism is present in the form of pairs; a male & a female.

Different school of thoughts have their own different point of views, logics etc, to describe the reason of being in pair. For example, biologists say that it’s simply because of the need of reproduction, biologically grown-up individuals (both animal & Human) attract towards each other just to reproduce. This is the purpose of being living, according to most of them. In sociologist’s point of view, man (human being) is a social animal; so we need others to live comfortably, with the support of one another. In every aspect of live, rich or poor, old or young, man or women, we all just need one another, in many ways; emotionally, psychologically, religiously, financially, socially etc. Particularly, to maintain a family system, which is the basic unit of one’s society, man and woman “need” each other.

Psychologists reveal that with the aim of living happy, healthy and a well-balanced life, it’s necessary to have a loving & sincere life partner. One can perform the duties at work place better, when he/she feels better in every way, having internal happiness and satisfaction. One can have soft-hearted nature and can be generous to all, only when he/she knows the value of emotions & feelings. One can be active or full of life, only when he/she is having some sold purpose to live. This all can only be happen to one, having a caring, loving & sincere life partner. Actually, the presence of such a spouse in your life can fulfill your life with happiness, it gives you courage to tackle every difficulty, and it boosts your confidence to face the whole world.

However, religious school of thought supports all these logics, and considers them rightly. Now, let’s analyze the above mentioned logics by different experts of their related fields. First let’s talk about the biological point of view. No doubt, mature individuals feel the need to reproduce but in this regard, there is a big big difference between animals and humans. On the contrary to animals, humans feel this attraction through the beautiful process, which we call “LOVE”. Yes, man and woman when started feeling like this for someone special, it indicates that he or she will that one; and they make pair.

Similarly, through social context, when suddenly or with the passage of time, one meet with the other one and started knowing him/her, they come to know about their family background, education, occupation, living and life style etc. Then if one finds the other, “just perfect” to live with, they make pair; as to harmonize the living standards, one always wants an understanding life partner.

Now here comes the mind readers, the psychologists; they talk about sentiments. Feelings, emotions, nature, habits, etc all means a lot to them. They reveal the hidden secret of happiness to us, the presence of love ones around us, specially the presence of someone utmost special. So according to them, it’s too necessary to choose your life partner on the basis of trust, sincerity, respect and other such valuable parameters. Only then, you can keep yourself psychologically satisfy and can perform all your tasks in a better way.

The last but the most important is to obey the religious point of view, which teaches us the lesson of synchronization. The harmony & balance in the family system, which can only be possible if man and women treat one another equally, and give the respect one deserve. Every religion recommends a beautiful relationship status of marriage, to unite the twolove birds in a one strong bond for forever.

So, beyond all the differences, physical, financial, mental, emotional and spiritual, treat your partner equally and don’t even think that these differences are the problems; you have to face. Mark them only as diversities in personalities and don’t let them enter in your life to disturb. Two love birds might have some contradictions between them but they must have many similarities for sure, if they are made for each other.