The world is full of various iconic landmarks and monuments which have proved to be the most attractive holiday destinations for the tourists from all over the world. Italy is famous throughout the world for its historic background and ancient monuments. This exotic city has been the chief centre of attraction for most of the tourists from all over the world due to its ancient ruins and historic monuments.

Renaissance and other periods of history which took birth in Italy during the Roman Empire left their inimitable effects on the various other countries of the world.

Today, Italy is the most visited destination as compared to the other holiday destinations of the world. The main attraction for the tourists of Italy is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Pisa is a perfect place in Italy where lots of historical facts are still engraved in its walls.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa was constructed during the period of the Roman Empire. It was constructed in the midst of war between the Romans and the Franciscans. The Leaning Tower of Pisa which is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the world today was a straight tower till 1173. It started to bend because of the poor foundation and a pretty weak construction. Historians believe that the major reason for the bending of this great tower was the loosening in the layer of subsoil. Due to the shifting of the layers of subsoil, this great tower leaned towards the south west direction at an angle of 4.35 degrees. This bending in the direction of the construction was noticed when the tower attained a height of 3 meters.

In order to pay compensation to the leaning position of the tower, the builders constructed the upper floors in the opposite direction. This unusual effort caused the tower to lean in the opposite direction and in spite of all the compensating efforts of the builders, the tower kept on leaning. As the tower leaned more and more, the government of Italy closed the Leaning tower of Pisa for the general public and evacuated the residents. Engineers and best builders from all over the world the world started their stabilizing efforts in order to prevent the Leaning Tower from collapsing. 38 cubic meters of soil was removed from the raised end of the tower and as a result, the tower straightened by 15 inches. The tower was reopened for the general public on 25th December, 2001.

In the present time, Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most visited tourist spot of the world because of its unique architecture and angled design.

The Moscow Kremlin is a potent sign of the majestic imperial culture and boasts about the rich historical past. If you consider the rich past of this monument which is standing with pride of witnessing the medieval citadel and the modern power centre, you will be simply amazed. It has played a pivotal role and created a timeless impression over the minds of the tourists coming to watch it from the distant corners of the world.

This beautiful artwork resembles the flawless craftsmanship of the creator and stands out to be an eminent architecture. It has created a historical dominance and the relevance of this site will not vanish with the coming years. The Kremlin has overseen the Russian life for more than eight hundred years. The edifice portrays a foreboding and visually striking sight and attracts a huge influx of travelers every year. The magnificent architecture reflects an eclectic style and sense of artistic interpretation of culture.
The Kremlin holds the same charismatic charm and allures the people with enigmatic appeal even today also. You as a visitor can spend various days in the sightseeing just in order to behold the natural beauty of this place. It comprises of one of the world’s most enchanting museums. The Kremlin is the official residence of the President – Russian Federation. It is the must visit place, if you are planning a tour to Moscow.

It is a historical complex fortified at the center of the city and overlooks the Moskva River, flowing and creating a peaceful sound to the south of the place. The other attractions that it treasures are Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Alexander Garden in the west and Red Square in the east region. The Kremlins is well known as the Russian citadel and accpmpanies four palaces, the same number of cathedrals with towers of Kremlin and enclosed Kremlin Wall.

Finally we can say that it is an all in one sight that gives you an equal pleasure that you can get from watching a historical monuments. The riverside green landscapes make it more beautiful and attractive to come and visit. It overlooks the entire city with an elegant manner and allows a treat fro all the visitors. Adding this place to your favorite list will bring some timeless memories and you will always mesmerize the pleasure that you have gained here. So if you are planning for a different yet special holiday, just give it a shot.