Many bloggers might find labels below posts (or post titles) unnecessary, as long as they are already in the blog's sidebar. In this tutorial we will learn how to remove them manually. To hide labels from the blogger post footer (or below post title), you could simply uncheck the "Labels" option, however, sometimes this setting might not work properly in certain templates and then we'll have to remove it manually from our template.

How we going do this?

A very common effect in jQuery is the fade effect that hides or shows an element by fading it, and we can use it in many ways as for example in the blog's navigation. The following script does just that, by loading the page with a fading effect when we browse on internal links that are in the blog, such as post titles, labels links, archive, navigation links, etc..

jQuery effect, fade in effect, blogger jQuery
You can see an example in this demo blog, click on the title of any post and see the fading effect when the page is loading.

This is a very nice horizontal menu in which its sub-tabs are displayed in two columns and is also made with CSS, without any scripts.

blogger navigation menu, css menu, drop-down menu

Adding A Horizontal Menu With Sub Tabs in Two Columns To Blogger

Popular Posts is a widget provided by Blogger that displays the most viewed posts on the blog in the last 7 days, last month and of all time. It has three displaying modes: display title only, display title with image thumbnail or display title along with the posts snippets.

To customize this popular posts widget, we have to add a new variable and some CSS codes to our blogger template. So let's begin:

popular posts widget, blogger gadgets

It's quite common to see calendar style dates next to some WordPress posts but for the Blogger platform it isn't always an very easy task to add this. But who said you can't do it? You need to look no further than this blog. In this tutorial, we'll learn how to create a calendar style date for your Blogger posts.

Every one loves to explore something new in his life. Most of the people from all across the world love to survey all around and find out something new and mysterious. The best time of exploring newest things is the vacations. Generally people love to search and investigate for new things during their seasonal holidays. If you also love to gain some knowledge about the primordial facts during your vacations, then this article is really meant for you. This article contains some necessary information about the Devils Marbles of Australia.
The famous Devils Marbles or the Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve is located in the Southern hemisphere of the Tennant Creek area of the Northern Territory. This area is sited about 114 km away from the Tennant Creek of the Northern Territory. It is one of the most remarkable landscapes of the Northern Territory. The Devils Marbles of the Northern Territory is also one of the most visited landmarks of Australia.
The Devils Marbles are one of the gigantic and round shaped granite boulders which are very spectacularly positioned across the wide and a shallow valley. The Scattered assortment of these marbles includes many balancing rocks. The Devils Marbles is one of the major attractions for the tourists of the Barkly region. More than 100000 tourists from all across the world visit this landmark every year. The devils Marbles Conservation Reserve is now one of the most visited conservation reserve of the Northern Territory.
The gigantic Devils Marbles which are sited in this reserve park are composed up of granite and they are greatly delimited and enclosed by a large amount of sandstone. It is believed that these granite clusters were produced due to the hardening of the magma which is present in the Earths crust. These granite blocks were covered with a layer of sandstone which laid a lot of pressure on the granite. As a result, these granite blocks exploded and these Devils Marbles came into existence. These marbles are round in shape which is a result of both chemical as well as mechanical weathering.
The Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve is opened and accessible for the tourists as well as the local residents throughout the year. This reserve includes a number of pathways which are well furnished with information boards as well as a basic camping arena for the visitors. The best time to visit this reserve is between May and October when the native rangers offer several live programs for its visitors. So these are some of the well known facts about the Devils Marbles. Make sure that you visit these reserves during your vacations and explore a new miracle.
To hide images/pictures from our blogger posts and to make them appear only in homepage, we will have to add just a small piece of CSS code in our template and then use the class "hidepic" each time we want to hide an image.

Just follow the next steps:

Step 1. Go to Dashboard - Template - Edit HTML ( click on Proceed button )

Google AdSense is the most popular option for monetizing online content, but sadly enough, many bloggers don't know how to create a Google Adsense account. Creating a AdSense account is very easy thing to do and for being accepted you just need a website or a blog indexed by Google, which should contain a minimum of 10 pages and most important, not violating Google Adsense policies.

Apply Account Approval

Before anything else, you have to apply for a Google Adsense account.
Just go to the Adsense homepage and click on the "Sign up now" red button.

If you want to earn money from your site/blog, Google Adsense is the most popular service to monetize your blog or website content. When implemented, Adsense will display targeted Google ads on your blog and they can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis.
Of course, to display ads on your site, you should first Sign Up to Google Adsense program.

Before adding your ads, keep in mind that Adsense allows only up to 3 ad units, 3 link units and 2 search boxes per page.

If you want to get rid of those annoying shadows and borders around blogger images, then follow the next steps (see the difference in the screenshot below):

 If you are using the old Blogger interface:

You can easily avail yourself with mental calmness and relaxation through these natural attractions. Here in this article, I am going to discuss about some of the basic facts related to the grand Changi Beach Park of Singapore. Make sure that you read this article once if you are looking out for a perfect natural holiday destination. The grand Changi Beach Park is one of the major attractions for the tourists of Singapore. This grand beach side park is located in the North Eastern section of Singapore. This grand beach side of Singapore encloses an area of about 28 hectares. The grand Changi Beach Park is one of the oldest beach parks of Singapore. A visit to this grand beach park is must for all the visitors of Singapore.
The grand Changi Beach Park extends to a length of 3.3 kilometers which makes it one of the largest beaches of the world. The sandy stretches of this grand beach side extends between the Changi Ferry Road and the Changi Point. This grand and majestic beach side is the major attraction for the local residents of the nearby areas. People of all age groups love to visit this grand natural spot during the weekends. 

The Changi Beach Park is well enhanced with several restaurants as well as bars. This grand beach side also contains number of tables and comfortable benches which are well placed below the shades of grape nut trees. The beach offers numerous attractions to its tourists. Swimming, surfing, beach cricket, beach volleyball and fishing are some of the major attractions for the visitors of this grand and charming beach side of Singapore. The beach also contains well trained life guards in order to ensure the safety of the visitors of this beach side. Well, these are some of the important and necessary facts related to the grand Changi Beach Park of Singapore. Make sure that you do not miss this exotic monument during your holidays.
What are Sitemaps?

Sitemaps are text files containing a list of all web pages that exist on your website and are accessible to crawlers and users. These helps visitors and search engine bots to find pages on website. Sitemaps are a way to help Google indexing pages on your site which otherwise might not be discovered.

If your blog is hosted on (or if you are using a self-hosted version of Blogger with a custom domain) you will be surprised to find out that the default sitemap file, contains only the 26 most recent pages of your blog which in normal case should contain all URLs of a website.