You should not share on Facebook

Facebook has become one of the most defining elements of this modern generation. The average Trinidadian spends close to four hours a day on Facebook doing a number of things: playing games, keeping in contact with old friends or minding other people’s business! What the average user tends to forget is that everything done on Facebook is accessible to everyone on the internet, especially potential employers. While today’s forward thinking employers are pleased to see extracurricular activities indicating an active social life, there are certain things that should not appear on Facebook pages.

What’s in a name

Consider if you will that you have applied for a position at a respectable company in the Customer Service Department and you haven’t changed your handle. Would they be happy to see a name like “Divalicious,” “Bad Attitude”  or “Swanky Dan” when they do their research…and don’t be fooled into thinking that you aren’t checked up on!

A picture or your job.

One of the most entertaining aspects of Facebook is the influx of hilarious pictures based on memes, clever captions and witty observations.  One can certainly spend hours scrolling and trolling these pictures, willing to share and give someone a laugh. A few guidelines, however, are in order when using these pictures:

  •     Refrain from re-posting racial or drug related photos.
  •     Limit the number of photos with profane text.
  •     DO NOT tag managers in pictures that are not appropriate.

Personal issues should be kept personal!

Because of Facebook’s relationship status, so many relationships have been created and destroyed. This relationship status is something that’s totally up to you. Instability in relationships which are then reflected in tirades on Facebook can and will show as instability with you. The same can be said about your relationship within the workplace.

Secure your status

If your manager does add you to Facebook, there are a number of security options to limit what this person sees: always a viable option!

Facebook is without a doubt at the same time, a very useful tool and a healthy distraction (within reason!) Remember to use it in a professional manner and both of these can work only to your advantage.

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