How to Build Links Download

What is the download link? The download link is what one text or an image that can be clicked to direct link to a host to download a file. How to make it? we carry Copy the code below and paste it in your blog:
<a href=""> Download </ a>

Description: Text in blue is a link destination when text is colored red on offer. The red colored text can also be changed in other words for example "Click Here" Or the other!

There are many fariasi to create a download link by making the link capitalized, bold Italics or by using pictures. Examples are as follows:

Copy and paste the following code to make the text bold download link:
<a href=""> <b> Download </ b> </ a>

To make text slanted please replace the code  <b> and </ b> With <i> and </ i>.

And to make that link small-sized large until I replace the code with the code Greening <h1> and </ h1>. replace it by the number 1-6 if you want to adjust the size of the links.

How then is to create a download link to the image / icon
How copy and paste the following code into your blog:

<a href="" title="Download"> <img src = "" width = "216 "height =" 74 "alt =" download [4] "/> </ a>

The result is as follows:

Description Replace the blue link to the full link Hosting your destination.

Good luck ..........?

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